Board of Directors

Board of Directors: The mandate of CWCC and the Board of Directors is defined in by-laws. The Board of Directors meets at least twice a year to look at the more long-term plans and needs of the organization and hires and establishes the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director. The five members are as follows:

Chairperson of the Board: Ms. Kien Sereyphal, Founder and former President of the Cambodia Women’s Development Agency (CWDA) and currently an Independent Consultant

Vice Chair of the Board: Attorney Sok Sam Oeun, Executive Director of the Cambodian Defender Project which is the prominent legal aid   organization in Cambodia

Member of the Board: Ms. Ros Sopheap, Executive Director of Gender and Development in Cambodia (GAD-C), which is one of the leading organizations working to promote gender equality in Cambodia

Member of the Board: Mr. Chea Phyden, Executive Director of Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO), which is one leading organization working to protect the rights of the children and promote child participation

Member of the Board: Ms. Im Phally, Former Project Manager of the Lutheran World Services and currently Program Manager of NGO Forum on Cambodia, a membership organization that takes a lead in advocacy for sustainable development in Cambodia