Market Survey for the Women In Action (WIN) Project in Siem Reap

Finn Church Aid is supporting the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) to implement the Women In Action (WIN) Project. The overall objective of the WIN Projects to empower women and girls in the target areas of Siem Reap Province to have improved living conditions with strong social networks so that they are able to overcome financial constraints and reduce vulnerability to all forms of violence.

The baseline survey was carried out in 2013 informed that when starting a business, individually, group/collective business, its success depends on choosing a product or service that meet local demand.

To address this concern CWCC is looking for an experienced consultant to assess business opportunities, to identify those products and services that are likely to be viable in the various diverse market places in target areas. Option for collective business shall also be identified.

The scope of the work includes:

  • Developing work plan containing analytical framework Detailed Schedule of Activities and Draft assessment Instruments
  • Consult with staff, community and other relevant stakeholders, business group to make a thorough assessment
  • Conduct field assessment in 4 target villages in Siem Reap town and at least 8 villages in Kralanh district
  • Conducting a workshop to share findings of the survey with all relevant CWCC’s staff and stakeholders to receive input to develop final report
  • Submit a final report in English

Application Information:

Interested candidates must submit proposals in compliance with the TOR which is available at or Phone: 023 997 967

All proposals must be submitted by 16 June 2014.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Download TOR of Market Survey