Join us in Free Coffee Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaign

With funding support from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of Korea (MGEF) through the Women’s Human Rights Commission of Korea (WHRCK), on 25-26 July 2015, Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) launched Free Coffee Anti-Sex Trafficking campaign at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

The purpose of this campaign is to get foreign tourists involved in stopping and preventing sex trafficking in Cambodia.

The campaign message is, join us in preventing children and young people from becoming the victim of sexual trafficking and all forms of sexual abuse. If you witness any suspicious behavior, please report to number 1288 or 023 99 79 19.

More campaign is to be launched as the following schedule and take place at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh 10 times and in Siem Reap 10 times at two places: Athi Thmor San and Cultural village.

Phnom Penh, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum:

  • 29-30 August 2015
  • 26-27 September 2015
  • 24-25 October 2015
  • 14-15  November 2015

Siem Reap, Athi Thmor San and Cultural village:

  • 30 August 2015
  • 12-13 September 2015
  • 19-20 September 2015
  • 27 September 2015
  • 04 October 2015
  • 24-25 October 2015
  • 01 November 2015

Let join us to stop sex trafficking!