For over a decade of operation, CWCC has been recognized by government, civil society and international agencies as a leading women’s organization that advocate for the human rights of women and children, gender justice and the elimination of all forms of violence against women and children.

Protection Program Objective

To protect survivors by providing legal assistance and facilitating physical and psychological healing leading to economic and social reintegration.

Prevention Program Objective:

To prevent violence against women through engaging the community, local authorities and law enforcement in establishing a safe, involved and supportive community.

Adovcacy Program Objective:

To advocate directly and through alliances for legislative and policy reform which uphold the human rights of women through rigorous enforcement of the laws.




Women s Paths Today (WPT) is the new name of Helping Women in Crisis magazine published by Cambodian Women s Crisis Center (CWCC) which is a local non-profit, non-governmental organization working to promote a peaceful and gender equitable society.

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Total Clients Helped (2013)
Domestic Violence Case: 484
Rape Cases: 278
Trafficking Case: 196
Clients Staying in Shelter: 840
Cases filed at Court: 301
Cases Tried: 148
Cases Pending at Court: 372
Perpetrators Sent to Jail: 56
Clients Reintegrated: 395
Community Network Members: 451
Scholarship Recipients: 907
CWCC Annual Report

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