Monitoring Project

The first point of contact for women seeking help from CWCC is the staff of the Monitoring Project. Their particular and very important role is to document and investigate acts of violence committed against women and children, particularly in cases of rape, domestic violence, or trafficking. The objective of the Monitoring Project is to provide appropriate intervention, monitoring and direct services to victims of gender based abuse including domestic violence, rape and trafficking. CWCC enjoys success in its work due to our close cooperation with authorities and other NGOs, which has resulted in effective working relationships and a reputation for excellence and trustworthiness.

Rescue & Support for Trafficking Victim

    When I was 13 my mother sold me to a Danish man. I was rescued by police and referred to CWCC


Starting Again with Help from the CWCC Shelter

    My husband never stopped abusing me and his own three children, drinking instead of working, and raping me … I was completely terrified of him.