Legal Assistance

The Legal project is a vital aspect of CWCC’s response to Violence against Women in it attempts to set deterrence for perpetrators and empower women to remove themselves from current abusive or exploitative situation. The Legal program is the second in the five Protection Project.

The Legal project provides legal advice and support for clients as they seek to resolve their case, in this way participating in holding perpetrators accountable for their violent and criminal actions. The Legal project is vital     for clients, the vast majority of whom are too poor to secure legal representation.

The objective of the Legal Project is to provide legal advice and representation for clients in civil and criminal cases.

The Legal Project assists clients who have chosen to file charges in court by gathering evidence and providing legal counsel. During the trial, CWCC lawyers represent the clients and ensure that the verdict is enforced.​​​​​​    ​​​​             In keeping with CWCC’s policy of non-discrimination, these services are not limited to Cambodians, and include victims of other nationalities. In addition to providing details about the project, for each project it would be great to include a short quote, or one page case study, with related images of a community,       or individual who has benefited from an aspect of this project.

Rescue & Support for Trafficking Victim

    When I was 13 my mother sold me to a Danish man. I was rescued by police and referred to CWCC


Starting Again with Help from the CWCC Shelter

    My husband never stopped abusing me and his own three children, drinking instead of working, and raping me … I was completely terrified of him.