Safe Shelter

The third of the Protection project, the Safe Shelter Project, was set up to accommodate women and children escaping violence.

The objective of the safe Shelter Project that women and children survivors of violence against women have access to immediate protective services, such as the drop-in crisis center, emergency medical care, basic counseling and relevant information.

Still in Cambodia there are few facilities to assist women escaping violence. The Safe Shelter Project in this reporting period provided direct services such as health care, food and clothing and counseling to assist clients in rebuilding their lives. Clients and their children have the opportunity to attend literacy and life skills classes, children of clients attend the child care center at the shelter or public schools. Further, vocational skills training courses are available to help advance the economic security of at risk girls so that they will not easily fall prey to the false promises of traffickers.

The Shelter in Phnom Penh can effectively and efficiently accommodate 40 to 55 persons, while the shelter in Banteay Meanchey is larger and can accommodate between 70 and 100 clients. The shelter in Siem Reap has the capacity for 50 – 60 clients.

Rescue & Support for Trafficking Victim

    When I was 13 my mother sold me to a Danish man. I was rescued by police and referred to CWCC


Starting Again with Help from the CWCC Shelter

    My husband never stopped abusing me and his own three children, drinking instead of working, and raping me … I was completely terrified of him.