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Women’s Paths Today (WPT) is the new name of Helping Women in Crisis magazine published by Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) which is a local non-profit,     non-governmental organization working to promote a peaceful and gender equitable society. Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center has their vision for women and girls living in peace, security, and dignity and enjoying their universal human rights.

With the mission to empower women and girls to claim their universal human rights CWCC also aims to protect, prevent, and advocate in order to promote peaceful, gender -equitable and compassionate society.

WPT is to show successful cooperation of CWCC with the authority, multi-sector district network, the authorities, and other relevant institutions to help women and children in crisis in Cambodia. Effective and transparency work has made CWCC to expand from Phnom Penh office to the branches in provinces; Banteay Meanchey in 1999, Siem Reap in 2001, and Kampong in April 2012.

Even though the lower risk of gender based abuse in the countryside, CWCC still continued to help Cambodian women not only to solve their crisis but also to advocate for strengthening law enforcement and contributing to nation-wide campaign as well as for women to empower themselves through capacity building. In the modern society, people cannot live without the information so we hope WPT would be one of the best guides for Cambodian women to cover information related to their situation today that can provide more knowledge, power, and changes for their living. Therefore WPT will help to collect data and investigate abuses. This assistance will not only support our lobbying efforts but also aid in the prosecution of offenders and improve the juridical system in Cambodia. WPT will be in-depth featured about Cambodian women’s today situation from an incredible woman’s crisis to a high note woman’s situation in Cambodia.

We would like to thank to all funding partners for supporting the publication of this magazine as one of our advocacy program. With the recognition by Cambodian government, civil society and international agencies as a leading women’s organization,  we hope our programs would more and more achieve for up-to-dated Cambodian women’s situation especially for coming ASEAN integration.

Pok Panhavichetr

Executive Director of CWCC


Women’s Paths Today (WPT)

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