Reintegration & Repatriation

The Reintegration and Repatriation Project aims to assist women and children to return to their home, community and workplace.

The objective of the Reintegration and Repatriation Project is to provide safe and secure reintegration that will encourage the self-reliance and general well-being of the survivors

Staff also assist women and children who have been trafficked to other countries be repatriated to Cambodia; an important support given the increasing demands for assisted repatriation.

Recognizing that many of the clients return to very poor conditions, staff assist women to set up their own business or to find jobs using the skills gained whilst at the shelter. The Reintegration and Repatriation Project works closely with the Department of Social Affairs which agrees to monitor and continue assisting women and children who are reintegrated back into their communities.

The reintegration process begins as soon as the clients are ready, and they are referred to the Reintegration Project from the Monitoring or Safe Shelter Project. Where complete confidentiality is not necessary, project staff call community meetings to sensitize villagers on laws relevant to sex-trafficking, domestic violence and rape issues. Security is a very important consideration for our clients in the reintegration process. Staff visit the clients at home, at their place of work or business and spend time talking to them, encouraging them, and helping them to solve any problems. Reintegration continues to be a challenge, and given that poverty is a key feature of the lives of women who suffer violence, finding ways to help our clients out of poverty after leaving CWCC’s project is a priority for us. As well as helping clients to find work, or establish themselves in business, CWCC provides money to clients for rent and food for the first month after they have left the Safe Shelter Project. It is the Reintegration Project staff who decides when the client has been successfully and safely reintegrated, and their case is then closed.

In addition CWCC also provides grant support to clients to operate small business base on the skill they learned from the shelter.

Rescue & Support for Trafficking Victim

    When I was 13 my mother sold me to a Danish man. I was rescued by police and referred to CWCC


Starting Again with Help from the CWCC Shelter

    My husband never stopped abusing me and his own three children, drinking instead of working, and raping me … I was completely terrified of him.