Girls Access to Education

Low levels of education and lack of income generating skills are common in women and girls who fall victim to abuse.

The objective of Promoting Girls’ Access to Education Project is to increase the education opportunities of girls so as to enhance their life options and reduce their likelihood of becoming future victims of violence or trafficking

Socio-economic barriers to girls’ education include demands on girls to do domestic work and earn additional income for their parents, the practice of early marriage, the absence of a safe learning environment, and the attitude that education is more useful for boys because girls must devote their lives to serving their families.

Activities of the Scholarship for Girls’ Access to Education include;

  • providing scholarship packages to clients and children who stay in the shelter to enable them to continue formal education
  • providing scholarship packages to vulnerable girls with no other access to formal education
  • visiting scholarship recipients at home
  • conducting workshops with teachers, girl scholars and parents
  • organizing the Enrollment and Literacy Day Campaigns cooperating with local schools and local communities involved in the Promoting  Girls’ Access to education Project.

CWCC has established the Skills Training Employment and Education Matching (STREAM) Project which is linked to the GAE Project and targets poor girls who have completed high school from target areas since 2012. The Project provides opportunities for further education, training, internships, and employment, enabling the girls to improve their family’s economic situation and therefore reduce vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking.

Breaking Out of the Trafficking Trap

    After attending mushroom farming training at CWCC I successfully graduated with a USD100 grant to start my business.


CWCC Helping to Keep Girls in School

    I am 17 years old, from Svay Chek Districk in BMC, the oldest of 5 children and I am in Grade 10