Information Management

The media is an invaluable tool for disseminating information on violence against women and to change the attitudes and behavior of the general public. Today, reports of violence against women and children appear in the media consistently and CWCC is regularly approached for fact validation and expert comments, in contrast to 1997 when there was rarely any reporting of violence against women. CWCC would pursue the media to provide them with information on the situation of women trapped in domestic violence. CWCC is utilizing this tool to communicate with the general public on the negative impact of violence against women and children as part of the larger Advocacy Program.

The activities of the Communications Program are as follows:

  • produce media materials on violence against women to disseminate on TV, radio, mobile cinemas and in print
  • produce a quarterly magazine on the current situation of violence against women to inform and update relevant stakeholders
  • conduct special event campaigns, public forums and national and international conferences

Breaking Out of the Trafficking Trap

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